Friday, September 12, 2008

Are Mice smarter than people about 'Junk Food'?

I found this article to be quite interesting.

Lesson of the Week:
School Lab Rats Freak Out on GE Food
Schools in Wisconsin are showing kids the dangers of genetically engineered (GE) junk food with some unique science class experiments. Sister Luigi Frigo repeats the experiment every year in her second grade class in Cudahy. Students feed one group of mice unprocessed whole foods. A second group of mice are given the same junk foods served at most schools. Within a couple of days, the behavior of the second group of mice develop erratic sleeping schedules and become lazy, nervous and even violent. It takes the mice about three weeks on unprocessed foods to return to normal.

According to Frigo, the second graders tried to do the experiment again a few months later with the same mice, but the animals have already learned their lesson and refuse to eat the GE food.

Does this tell you something about the nutritional value found in Junk Food? Basically just makes you feel bad, in the long run. Even mice figured that out!

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