Thursday, February 17, 2011

Germs! Where are they Lurking?

This is a topic most of us would rather not talk about.  But, it is always better to have some knowledge and use some prevention tools to keep us healthy.  So let's talk about GERMS.

An average adult can touch as many as 30 objects within a minute, including germ-harboring, high-traffic surfaces such as light switches, doorknobs, phone receivers, and remote controls. At home, you do all that you can to keep the germs at bay. But what happens when you step out the door to go to dinner, do some grocery shopping, or visit the doctor's office? Know where germs are most likely to lurk, as you'll find out here.
One place I have never thought much of was 'the Restaurant Menu'.
Have you ever seen anyone wash off a menu? Probably not. A recent study in the Journal of Medical Virology reported that cold and flu viruses can survive for 18 hours on hard surfaces. If it's a popular restaurant, hundreds of people could be handling the menus--and passing their germs on to you. Never let a menu touch your plate or silverware, and wash your hands after you place your order.
More germy areas to watch for later....
Deborah Mumm, The Allergy Queen

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Microclustering with Penta & Kangen Water

Does Penta Water hydrate your cells as well as Kangen Water?
Check it out....

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Penta Water- Premium Water or Not?

 Recently I learned that people drink certain waters because they assume they have great health benefits.  So I thought I put it to the test.  In this video I tested Penta Water...a premium water usually found in Health Food Stores.   Check out my results!

Penta Water Test

Deborah Mumm, The Allergy Queen

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The New Dangerous Sweetener

 The manufacturer, Monsanto, assures you this is safe - while adding in a substance from the EPA's most hazardous chemicals list... one that's highly flammable and is a skin, eye and respiratory irritant needing special handling techniques. Do you really want to ingest this stuff?  There is proof it could cause neurological damage...and yet the FDA is approving it.  Hmm....
Should you trust the FDA with Neotame...a new sweetener?  Check out this article....

Neotame Dangers

Deborah Mumm, The Allergy Queen

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Why Artificial Sweetners are NOT a Dieter's Friend?

On of the biggest marketing and PR tactics for man-made chemical sweeteners has been the claim that they help in the battle against obesity. Folks, they don't.
They never have and they never will.
 One reason for aspartame and neotame's potential to cause weight gain is because phenylalanine and aspartic acid – the two amino acids that make up 90 percent of aspartame and are also present in neotame -- are known to rapidly stimulate the release of insulin and leptin; two hormones that are intricately involved with satiety and fat storage.
 Insulin and leptin are also the primary hormones that regulate your metabolism.
So although you're not ingesting calories in the form of sugar, aspartame and neotame can still raise your insulin and leptin levels. Elevated insulin and leptin levels, in turn, are two of the driving forces behind obesity, diabetes, and a number of our current chronic disease epidemics.
 Over time, if your body is exposed to too much leptin, it will become resistant to it, just as your body can become resistant to insulin, and once that happens, your body can no longer "hear" the hormonal messages instructing your body to stop eating, burn fat, and maintain good sensitivity to sweet tastes in your taste buds.
What happens then? You remain hungry; you crave sweets, and your body stores more fat.
Leptin-resistance also causes an increase in visceral fat, sending you on a vicious cycle of hunger, fat storage and an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and more.

Deborah Mumm, The Allergy Queen
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