Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas -- My Card to You

To all my reader friends---

Here is a Merry Christmas card from my family to YOU!

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Hope you have a great holiday season with family & friends.  I look forward to sharing you new updated health tips, facts, stories and more in 2011.

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Deborah Mumm
Healthy Environments, Inc.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Saving on Gasoline Costs!

Are you getting frustrated with the cost of gas these days?  
I know $40 doesn't even come close to filling a tank and that 
hurts the wallet, for sure!
Would you like to save money on gas?
Would you like to buy gas from companies that are PRO-American?
Did you know that you should buy gas in the morning 
when the ground is cooler?  Gas is more dense when cool 
and you'll get more in your tank when the tanks in the 
ground are cool!  Great tip!
There are more here...Go now to save money on gas!! 
Have a great day!
Deborah Mumm, The Allergy Queen 

Relief for Crohn's (with Water!)


If you or someone you know suffers from Crohn's, then watch this short video!  It shows how drinking a super hydrating antioxidant water can help diminish Crohn's symptoms.

Kangen Water Testimonial With Crohns Disease
Uploaded by WhyKangenWater. - Have a look at more lifestyle videos.

Pass this on! Remember-- Disease cannot live in an Alkaline State!

Deborah Mumm

Friday, December 10, 2010

Discover Amazing Facts about Diet Foods!


I have discovered that not all diet plans work.  Some are difficult…some have you losing weight fast, but then it all comes back on quickly also.

The Diet Solution Program is great!  Isabel is a down to earth person who shares delicious recipes and offers fantastic tips to lose weight with good food.

So–if you’d like help to lose weight fast with a program that teaches you about the best foods to focus on for quick weight loss–then check out this great program!

Discover the best way to lose weight and keep it off!  Super support, recipes & more....

Diet Solution Program

Be Well!

Deborah Mumm
Diet Solution Program

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Allergic to Christmas?

We had fun putting up the tree, even though my youngest son felt my ornament I got as a baby was the oldest antique he ever saw!  The lights are on the front bushes, and the decorations are spread around the house. Everything looks nice and festive. But not everyone can enjoy everything at the holidays.
Some people are allergic to Christmas.  No, they are not trying to be Scrooges...there are just a lot of reasons that some allergies flair up at Christmas.
A fresh Christmas tree---has tree pollens and saps that can irritate some peoples sinuses.
An artificial tree-- can have dust or mold from improper storage.
Candles--some scented candles can irritate allergies.
Here is a little video showing someone with Christmas allergies and what she does to alleviate them.  However, she does not mention the use of an air purifier...which would definitely help!

Holiday Allergy Video

Healthyfully Yours,

Deborah Mumm
Healthy Environments