Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What is Laminine?

I love this product...a whole food supplement...called Laminine!  It helps with stress, calms you, helps you sleep better, and makes you feel happier.  My youngest son, who probably has a bit of ADHD, takes 2 a day and is more focused at school.  I haven't had a single report from teachers at his school that he is acting up in class!  It has a 30 day money back guarantee, so I highly recommend trying it!  Thanks.

Prestigious Doctor's Examination of LAMININE

Dr. Christian is a Naturopathic Doctor with a PHD in Nutrition; she is a registered nurse and is certified from the Duke University for Hospital Administration. She's run hospitals and taught nursing programs while also having a degree in Psychology. She still has a private clinical practice.

Dr. Christian writes
For Emotional Health "Laminine is like nothing we've ever known."  Laminine is a Functional Food.

Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) - is found in Laminine but no longer is found in the adult body. It vanishes like Glutathione. It improves neuronal function and reprograms the adult stem cells and amino acids, giving the body the power to fix itself.

These stem cells can then go to ANY area of the body needing repair.
This means Mental healing, Emotional Healing and Physical Healing.
Fibroblast Growth Factor reprograms, repairs, regenerates and corrects wherever it is needed. It is the 'General' that tells the 'troops' (amino acids) where to go.

Whenever FGF is present there is a dramatic uptake in peptides and amino acids (in other words proteins are put to work and are usable!)
Important! In 1962 it was found that Fibroblast Growth Factor feeds and nurtures any stem cells in SCAR tissue - it reprograms and corrects them. Many neurological issues are caused by scarring of the brain (stroke, autism, etc) uptake of natural supplements.

Laminine helps with: stroke victims, paralysis (it's the scarring that creates the paralysis), parkinson's, neurological problems, rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, depression, anger issues, fatigue, dissolves plaque and corrects the lining of the vascular system.

Alzheimer’s disease: Initially they thought it was mental but now they think it's a virus that leaves a scar on the brain. Viruses were causing plaque, which are scars and Laminine dissolves the scars and corrects the tissues.

Lyme disease: Laminine can reverse neurological damage. When asked about this disease, Dr. Christian said, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Dosage would be 3 three times a day.

Egg allergy? Dr. Christian said to Start Slow and administer Laminine even with an egg allergy.
1/2 capsule for a week and 1 daily capsule for another week to build tolerance.

Dosages: There is no chance of overdosing. Remember this is a FOOD. 

Deborah Mumm
The Allergy Queen 

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