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Allergy Proof Your Home

 Allergy Proof Your Home

From bathroom to kitchen to bedroom, here are some simple steps to rid your home of the stuff that makes you sick.

Whole Home Tips....
1) Adjust the humidity in your home to around 30-40%.  You can get a humidity gauge at home-improvement stores.
2)  Change your furnace filter every month to help keep the air moving cleanly in your home.
3)  Invest in a quality air purfier that will help reduce particulates in the air.

Bedroom Tips....
1)  Wash you bedding weekly in hot least 130 degrees.  Turn up the water heater for the job and then back down when finished.
2)  Mattress and pillow covers will help reduce dust mite waste, which is a major cause of allergies and asthma flare-ups.

Living Room Tips....
1) Vacuum regularly, especially with a model with a Hepa filter or double-layer bag.
2)  Keep pets off the furniture as much as possible.  Try to wash pets weekly if possible.

Bathroom Tips....
1)  Scrub the corners of your shower or tub weekly.  No need to use bleach or other toxic chemicals.  Many environmentally safe cleaners will kill bacteria and viruses.
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2)  Easy to clean bathroom floors are the best.  Clean mats in hot water weekly and make sure they dry out between uses.

Kitchen Tips....
1)  Clean and sweep around the stove, refrigerator and toaster, where crumbs tend to gather.  Don't leave dishes in the sink.  Keep all food sealed tight.
2)  Caulk areas where pests can come in walls, windows and floor cracks.  Bugs and cockroaches can add to poor air quality.

These are just a few steps towards a healthier environment.  To receive a FREE report on the 'First 7 Steps Towards an Allergy-Free Home',
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