Thursday, March 04, 2010

Day 3 Being Dairy-Free

3 days ago I spoke with my sister about food allergies.  She has celiac disease which simply means her body does not process gluten.  Therefore she is on a gluten free diet.  I was tested for celiac since it does run in families but I do not have it.  However, I still have some sinus issues and my sister thought I should try a dairy-free diet.
Dairy products are not as healthy as the dairy industry would like us all to believe.  Dairy can cause skin issues, congestion, and digestive issues. 
So...3 days ago I began my dairy-free diet.  This includes reading labels for hidden dairy ingredients.  So far, I have been pretty good.  I had almond milk on my cereal this morning and it tasted ok.  We had tacos last night and I avoided the sour cream and grated cheese...although I missed them! All in all, the tacos tasted ok and I tried not to think of it.
I was curious if others on Dairy-Free diets have any products they LOVE that are great substitutes for the dairy products we are used to.
Any suggestions or tips????
I will let you know how this progresses for me and if it really makes a difference in how I feel!

Until next time....

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