Thursday, December 31, 2009

Enagic E-Cleaner Simplified Directions


If you haven't purchased your SD-501 unit yet, then you need to add this to your goals for 2010.  The gift of health is truly a blessing for all of us, and to those that already know about Kangen Water, we appreciate knowing this water is a tool that is helping our bodies to correct issues as they occur.

If you have an SD-501 you know the importance of keeping this unit up of minerals on the plates can cause the unit to not be as effective.  Plus, by cleaning it regularly it'll last much longer with higher quality water!

The e-Cleaner that comes with the unit has directions that make the cleaning of this unit look painstakingly difficult.  However, it is really very easy.  The directions were re-written so you can clean your unit easily every 2 weeks!  It is not complicated and I guarantee that if you follow these directions a couple of times you won't even need them after that...because they are so easy!

Here are the directions!

Now go clean your unit and have a healthier day!

Deborah Mumm
The Allergy Queen

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My Kangen Power said...

Great instructions. The machines truly are easy to maintain.