Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kitten Evaluates Pet Food!

We got a new kitten this week.  It is a Russian Siberian, which is hypoallergenic to most people.  My husband is usually very allergic to cats, but has no problem with this breed.  They are a BIG cat, but act rather dog-like in nature...playful, smart, and social.  We named this little guy, Nikita...which is Russian for 'unconquerable'. He is small now, but will grow to be about 17 lbs. by the time he is 3.
The breeder has all her kittens on a good cat food.  We are supposed to continue with that food, and if we make any changes we need to do it slowly as to not upset his stomach.
Nikita didn't seem to care for the dry food she provided.  He does like the canned.  I started adding a little of the Trilogy food that I have on my website.  I had asked a naturopathic vet to evaluate my Trilogy food and she said the dry cat food was great, and that the canned cat food was one of the best ones she had ever seen.  Today Nikita was picking out her old food and putting it on the floor and eating the Trilogy food.  I guess he knows what he likes!
Do you have a good pet food?
Have you evaluated its ingredients? Does it get delivered to your door? 
Check out your pet foods against other top brands and see how healthy it is for your pet!
I will share in the next post more about this great pet for people with pet allergies.

Deborah Mumm, The Allergy Queen

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