Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Aftermath of Cedar Rapids Flooding!

We went to a wedding in Cedar Rapids, IA last weekend. It was a wonderful day. However, as we drove down the main streets of Cedar Rapids we were in awe of the destruction that the flooding had on it from last month. There was garbage on every corner. There were buildings and houses that at first glance looked ok. Then as you got closer you saw the broken out windows, and everything that had been in them were now in a horrible pile on the street. There were garbage trucks everywhere. FEMA was present in several locations.
After the wedding, we drove back through the city at night. Now it was extremely eerie to see block after block, mile after mile, of complete darkness. No lights on at the hotels, churches, gas stations and thousands of homes. Complete darkness.... No electricity still ...a month later.

So...if you know of groups working to raise funds for Cedar Rapids, it is still needed! We don't hear about it nearly as much as we did with New Orleans...and these are our midwestern neighbors!

Hang in there, Cedar Rapids!
(Check it out...)

Debbie Mumm
The Allergy Queen

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