Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Goose Hunt Anyone?

Canadian Geese have invaded our territory....Husband is on the hunt!

Some facts about geese!
  1. They mate for life.
  2. They have 6-10 babies each spring.
  3. They live 18-20 years.
  4. They come back to the same place each spring.

Now, when we moved to our current home almost 7 years ago we liked that it was right next to a pond. There were about 4 or 5 geese then. Ok... looking at the above facts you can see we easily have around 30 geese now.

We bought a Goose Fence...a simple device that has 2 green wires attached to it...hard to see, but does seem to stop the geese from entering our yard (where the fence is). Whoever said that geese aren't very smart will see they have found that at the end of the fence are still some openings (sidewalk, etc) They manage to walk over to those places and then enter our yard. Our yard is full of goose poop as they munch our newly fertilized grass. My husband has been seen chasing them with shovels and even large squirt guns. He is amazed I don't spend my days doing the same!

Yes...spring is a pretty time! We will soon see cute little goslings wandering our yard with their obnoxious parents. (Goslings are cute and little for just a few days...they grow incredibly fast!) And my husband will have new geese to chase!

Happy Spring....


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