Sunday, June 24, 2007

Keeping up with Alex

Adopting school aged children from Russia in 2004 has me dealing with younger kids again on a daily basis...except that I am not as young as I was when my 3 bio-sons were 7 and 8.
Summer time is proving to be a very busy time with a 17 yr. old son who is eating me out of house and home....a 13 yr. old daughter who should have the phone attached to the end of her arm since 99% of all phone calls are for her...and an 8 yr. old son who is very active & ALL BOY!

For example: Alex, our 8 yr. old, decided to go look for frogs in our pond with the 6 yr. old neighbor boy. Soon I heard our hose being turned on. I ran outside only to find that both boys had gone into the pond and finding very black thick mud at the bottom they proceeded to have a Mud Fight! Big glops of mud was in their hair and ears. It seemed Alex thought of the hose as a way to wash off the mud so their moms might not notice it. They were soaked head to toe with mud dripping down all over the ground.
I told the other boy to head home to clean up while I had my oldest son, Brandon, wrap Alex in a towel and carry him to the shower. He was immediately stripped and washed...although mud was splattered all over the shower walls. Of course, this was the night I was having some of Tania's friends and moms over for a little Make Up party and my floors had been clean a total of an hour! Sigh...
How do I keep up being one of the oldest moms in Alex's classroom?
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