Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Merry Christmas---oops! It's Spring, isn't it?

Well, today we are getting dumped with over 7 inches of very wet snow. The winter coats and boots were dusted off and worn again. The robins and geese shiver in the snow by our pond. We were amazed that 2 very large white swans appeared on our pond last night. Maybe this was an attempt to scare off the hundreds of geese that litter our yard, which is next to the neighborhood pond. But then it snowed and snowed today, and there are no swans to be seen now. The geese are honking and taking over the pond once again.
I did find a company that sells a Goose Fence, which I ordered. I hope that will keep them from pooping all over our lawn and eating our new grass. I can't tell you how much I DISLIKE geese!
We had a nice Easter...although a bit cold out!
This snow may be holding off seasonal allergies, but I am sure it'll be spring again soon and the allergies will appear.
We have begun to do some spring cleaning including changing the furnace filter. Have you changed yours lately? They should be changed or cleaned about once a month for optimal use of your furnace and for allergy control.
Guess it's time to shovel off the walk and driveway again....
Until next time....

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