Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy Foods

Here are some Great Tips on 'How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy Foods'--
(It is all about being a little creative!)

Getting Kids to eat good food and veggies--

- Hide Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and/or carrot in Spaghetti Bolognaise. Boil the veggies, then puree them and mixed them in with the sauce. 

- Puree the Veggies in a Quiche 

- Make meal time fun. Create pictures with the food, make a face and draw a mouth and eyes 

- Get a Cookie Cutter and make shapes out of mashed vegetables. 

- Do not offer bribes by saying "if you eat your peas, you can then have sweets or ice cream" You are planting the seed here that Peas are bad and Sweets and Ice Cream are good. 

- Do not offer them something else if they don't eat what you give them, they will learn that meal time is meal time. 

- Don't chase them around the house trying to get them to eat one more spoon full. 

- Have some sliced fruit for snacks. 

- In most Supermarkets in the Health Food Isle, you will find Pasta made out of corn in shapes for kids. This is a healthy pasta option. 

-Show them that you enjoy these foods by eating them often yourself.

- Finally as they get a little older, encourage them to assist in the kitchen in the cooking process and eat the food that they create themselves.

Have Fun...

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