Friday, February 10, 2012

Pub Med Articles for Laminine

Have questions about the science behind the effectiveness of Laminine?

Many science articles are available at

That site is governed by the National Institutes of Health and is the repository of Worldwide peer reviewed science.  It is the 'gold standard of published science'. 

Because Laminine is proven to reduce Cortisol by 50% we can see from the published studies if there is a connection between a disease and cortisol by typing it into the search engine.

I got some interesting results and found the following:

Cortisol and insomnia                        128 published papers finding a correlation

Cortisol and obesity                            1715  " "

Cortisol and depreession                   5607  "   "

Cortisiol and testosterone                 5320  " " "

Cortisol and memory                          762  "   "

Cortisoil and anxiety                          1876  "   "   "

Cortisol and pain                                1827  "   "

Cortisol and libido                              69       "   "

 Cortisol and DHEA                            2823   "    "

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