Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kangen Water Scam Truth

 Is Kangen Water a Scam?

I wondered myself a few years ago when I was introduced to this water. There were other water ionizers on the market that claimed to make the same type of water as this Enagic machine. Could the price difference really be worth it?
It is. I have been sharing Kangen Water with people for several years now. When I test my water it still consistently makes negative ORP (high antioxidant) water with an accurate pH reading.

What are some things to look for in a quality water ionizer?

 1. The motor has to be over 200 watts to ionize stable hexagonal water. [Enagic has 235 watts,
most companies have 50-90 watts]
2. The surface area of the plates the machine uses to ionize water must be over 200 square
inches to produce abundant hexagonal water. [Enagic is 266 square inches which is similar to a
legal sheet of paper compared its competitors whose plates are the size of a playing card]
3. The unit has a self cleaning feature.(I believe this is the only unit on the market that does this.)
4. A ph range of 2.5 -11.5 is ideal. If you are going to invest in a quality machine don't short
change yourself. [I believe Enagic is still the only machine with this ph range]
5. The Enagic warranty of 5 years is an indication of quality. It is the standard against which all
other machines are compared.
6. Enagic is built for a lifetime with 'component replacement' engineering. Without this, the
machine becomes disposable.

What are some Certifications of Quality? 

1. Certification as a medical device. Only devices that are effective in treating disease will
have this certificate. A medical device in Japan, ranked #1 in the world in health is highly
sought after. [currently only Enagic]
2. Enagic is endorsed by the Japanese Association of Preventative Medicine for Adult
Diseases. They do extensive research, testing and screening before they endorse any
product. They only endorse one product per industry.
3. Enagic Certification and Endorsement from Japanese Ministry Health - the equivalent of
the FDA. Having Japanese certification is key here since Japan has been the benchmark of
health for decades and is way ahead of all countries when it comes to water ionizers.
4. The Enagic company is ISO 9001 compliant. This ensures manufacturing quality. [The
ionizers are built one at a time by one technician who must sign off on the quality of each
ionizer. assembled]
5. Enagic is certified with the "Direct Sellers Association of America." This ensures you that
their sales and business practices are fair, honest and customer oriented.
6. Enagic is UL underwritten. Safety and Liability are important factors to consider! UL
underwriting assures you of both.

So---if you are considering making a big change in your health...then
Change Your Water & Change Your Life!

Deborah Mumm, The Allergy Queen
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