Saturday, December 04, 2010

Allergic to Christmas?

We had fun putting up the tree, even though my youngest son felt my ornament I got as a baby was the oldest antique he ever saw!  The lights are on the front bushes, and the decorations are spread around the house. Everything looks nice and festive. But not everyone can enjoy everything at the holidays.
Some people are allergic to Christmas.  No, they are not trying to be Scrooges...there are just a lot of reasons that some allergies flair up at Christmas.
A fresh Christmas tree---has tree pollens and saps that can irritate some peoples sinuses.
An artificial tree-- can have dust or mold from improper storage.
Candles--some scented candles can irritate allergies.
Here is a little video showing someone with Christmas allergies and what she does to alleviate them.  However, she does not mention the use of an air purifier...which would definitely help!

Holiday Allergy Video

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