Sunday, April 11, 2010

Update on our Hypo-Allergenic Cat


Well, we've had our Russian Siberian kitten for 2 1/2 months now and he is growing quickly.  At 4 months he weighed 6 lbs.  At the end of April he will be 6 months old and I think he is around 10 lbs. now.  He is a beautiful cat with expressive golden eyes.  He is very playful and extremely affectionate.  He will crawl up on my lap and put his front paws on my shoulder and cuddle like a baby.  My kids (the Russian-Siberian kids!) adore him and fight over who gets to sleep with him each night.  My older 3 sons claim they do not like cats, but we have caught each one of them holding the cat or playing with him.  Their response when we have mentioned this? "Dogs are better."  Yeah, but they still like this cat.
My husband, who usually has to use an inhaler around a cat, has been fine with him.  Nikita is a big furry kitten and up till now has shed very little.  I am seeing that we need to brush him more as I hear they do shed a lot in the spring and fall.  I have begun to see more clumps of fur on the carpeting and on clothes... as sure sign we are really cat owners now.
I found that Discovery Planet does a nice job describing different breeds of cats. Their video on Siberians is pretty accurate.  These cats are quite dog like and a lot of fun.  They are so cute too!
Here is the video....
Click on 'Siberian' to learn more about this amazing breed.
Our kitten looks like the reddish one with white markings in the video.

So---if you have cat allergies but want a pet, this may be one cat you can tolerate.  But any reliable breeder will want you to check this out before you bring a kitten home.
Here is a photo of Nikita...our Russian Siberian cat.  I think he may just double in size in the next few years!
Have a healthy day!

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