Saturday, October 17, 2009

What to Look for in a Water Ionizer?


There are a number of websites on the web in regards to alkaline water or Kangen water™. Many of these websites tend to misguide or mislead when it comes to Enagic and the ionizers they produce. Many of these claims are simply not true or are deceptive by design in an attempt to drive the market to buy their products.

In an attempt to justify of why I believe the SD501 is the best residential water ionizer on the market, I have placed the facts regarding this product as well as the company on this page. The reason I choose to lay out the facts regarding this ionizer, was my attempt to justify the relatively high price of $3,980 (USD) as well as to address some of the attacks coming from other dealers who represent other ionizers.

Click below to see some bullet point truths about Enagic and The SD-501.

We love our Enagic unit and enjoy our healthy Kangen Water every day!

Deborah Mumm

The Allergy Queen

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