Sunday, January 11, 2009

Warning! Soda Pop is Dangerous to your Health...

We have a refrigerator in the garage. It used to be known as our Pop refrigerator. I used to keep it stocked for my older boys when they were teenagers. The kids would always stop there first when they came in with friends. Well, those days are gone. I no longer buy pop/soda. I refuse to buy Gatorade. Both were snack drinks of choice at our home but now I know how acidic they are.
One can of soda or bottle of Gatorade and you'll have to drink 30 cans of Kangen Water (or alkaline water) to get your body back to the PH level it was before you drank that soda or Gatorade. Yikes... Yes, Gatorade and pop are extremely acidic and disease LOVES an acidic body.

So from now on I will try offer more alkaline foods & drinks to my family since we are bombarded with acidic foods & drinks. Most of our diet is acidic, by nature.

>> Here is a great article about the Dangers of Soda. Please take a few minutes to read it --- Amazing information!

To your health...

Deborah Mumm, The Allergy Queen

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