Friday, February 01, 2008

House Cleaning in the Winter

House cleaning in my home is never done! My air is always clean...since we own an Air Purifier for the entire home. With 5 kids, husband and one old dog (who dislikes going outside in the winter so finds the kitchen floor to be a great place to pee...sigh!) I seem to never catch up with cleaning.

I did discover recently that Solay Wellness products were a great fit for my health-minded home. Completely natural...the active ingredient is Himalyan Salts (which kill bacteria). They are odorless also. We really enjoy the Salt lamps for bedrooms to keep them sanitized clean for sleeping great!

So head on over to Solay Wellness and see their great products. Click on the title to this article to get there quickly.

Have a healthy Day....

Debbie Mumm
The Allergy Queen

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