Sunday, February 24, 2008

Got Gas?

Today I worked a booth at the Home Expo at the Arlington Race Track in Arlington Hts, IL. Traffic was pretty consistent. Since I was helping at the Ambit Energy table, I had to learn how to talk to people about Gas Deregulation that is occuring now in IL. I got better at it as the day went on. Larry, an older gentleman, a Marine, thought he'd come by and help. He was pretty outgoing and seemed to like talking to people in the aisle. His favorite line was, "Got Gas?" That usually got a reaction of some kind and then he'd talk to them about saving money on their gas bills. Not exactly my style...but it worked for him.
I did get to display a few of my Healthy Environments products and had some interest there as well.
I hope you take a look at how Ambit Energy is really going to be a great way to save on your gas bills as well as offer some great income opportunity for people interested in that.
Ambit Energy...Save on Gas Bills

I guess I am going to have to talk to more people about this opportunity as I do think it is worth it.

Deborah Mumm, The Allergy Queen, Healthy Environments

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