Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Years Resolutions--Can they work?

Happy New Year!

What is the one thing most people think of on New Years Day?  
Deciding on a New Year's Resolution!  

 I have learned over the years that it is usually not a great idea to make vague resolutions like-- lose some weight, make more money, exercise more---these are all too vague and chances are, you won't feel successful with them.

It is best to be very clear with your goals for the New Year.  Write them down.  Tell someone else.  This makes the goal become more real and you feel more accountable to it. 

Be concise!  Example:  I will lose 10 pounds by March 1st, 2011.  I will make $1000 more each month. I will exercise 3 times a week.
By setting numbers to your goals you have a better chance of seeing results.  Try it and let me know....
Happy New Year!

Deborah Mumm, The Allergy Queen
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