Tuesday, August 04, 2009

August is Water Quality Month

Welcome to Water Quality Month!

We've been drinking clean or purified water for years now. I have always believed that tap water should not be considered 'clean' since there are so many chemicals added to kill the bacteria and contaminants. Chlorine is used to kill the harmful bacteria...and that's good...but I don't want to drink the chlorine! Thank you very much.
A year ago I was introduced to Kangen Water made by Enagic and I suddenly learned I didn't know as much about water as I thought I had. My purified water was clean but wasn't all that healthy for me or my family. It wasn't hydrating my body or flushing toxins from my cells. Kangen Water works at the cellular level and is considered to be the wetter water! Super hydrating. I have more energy now and just feel younger. My aches and pains have gone away, making me feel younger.
So...if you haven't tried Kangen Water, you really should.
If you haven't seen a Kangen Water Demo, you really should.
I will be having an interactive Water Demo at the Aug. 10th QBS meeting in Grayslake, IL (University Center) at 2:00 ...if you live in the area, have a business you'd like to promote to the group...then please join us and you'll get a chance to learn about this amazing water.

If you don't live in the area then please check out this site for more info on how Kangen Water can change your life for the better!
The Wetter Water

Deborah Mumm,
Healthy Environments Inc.

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