Sunday, March 09, 2008

Natural Allergy Relief...Is it Possible?

Is Natural Allergy Relief Possible?

I didn't use to believe that we could get relief from our seasonal allergies without the use of medicines or prescription drugs. This, of course, is what doctors want. A continual income for them if we keep coming back for more drugs that relieve our symptoms.
However, we quickly learned that by cleaning up our indoor air of the allergens that were triggering out allergies, we didn't really need those medications anymore. My husband quit going to the allergist as he didn't need allergy shots anymore. you think allergists are big fans of air purifiers? I think not! If every home had them then they'd lose most of their patients.
Air Purifiers
Our oldest son's headaches disappeared once we used an air purifier plus changed our store bought cleaning products to more natural cleaners.
Safe Cleaning Products
Hmmm....chemicals were causing his headaches and depression!
A natural dog food helped our dog overcome his allergies ... he stopped licking, scratching and has not had any ear infections since we changed his diet!
Healthy Pet Food
Hmmm....just eating the right food helps allergies!
I know that drinking a shot or two of XanGo each day helps me feel more energetic, keeps things 'moving', and reduces my allergy issues. XanGo

We save lots of money and feel much better using all these products. I'd rather not be using medications to just make the symptoms go away...I'd rather treat the problem naturally!
How about you?

Check it out at Healthy Environments.

Deborah Mumm, the Allergy Queen!

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