Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Flat Cookies

Hope your Christmas was a good one!
My sisters were both coming to my home over the holidays. Neither one of them can eat wheat. So I purchased a Gluten-free flour mix so I could make them some cookies. I used a Gluten-free cook book which called for 2 types of special flours but since I already had a 'safe' flour mix I just used that. Little did I know that alternative flours are much more sensitive to changes than regular wheat or white flours that I am used to . The cookies just totally spread out all over the pan and became one huge thin cookie. Of course, it then stuck to the pan unmercifully and became a platter full of crumbs in the end. They did taste pretty good when warm but were a disaster to look at.
Well, dear sisters, it was the thought that counted here!
For those of you that cook for food allergies, more power to you!
Happy New Year!
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