Monday, November 20, 2006

Allergic to Thanksgiving foods?

Happy Thanksgiving!
Well, to most people Thanksgiving means a big meal with all the fixings shared with family and friends. However, more and more people are learning that they have food allergies creating havoc on holidays & feasts.
Our Thanksgiving table usually means gluten-free products being available for certain family members that cannot eat wheat, oats or rye. 10 years ago this was more of a problem, but now there are dozens of books with gluten-free recipes. Our stuffing will be made with alternative flours and grains. Will it taste a little different? Yes. But not in a bad way, mind you.
The pie crusts are a pain to make with alternative flours since it is the gluten that makes dough stick together....otherwise it is rather crumbly. But we have had successful crusts in the past and our gluten free people were very delighted to be able to have traditional foods.
So...if you or people you know have food allergies, don't get stressed!
There is plenty of info out there to help you create a delicious meal!
Here is a great site for those with Food or chemical sensitivities...

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