Saturday, August 05, 2006

Excited....New Products!

I just added some NEW products to my Healthy Environments site! And I must say, they are great additions!

1) Healthy Products for Your Pets - Made fresh before it is shipped to your door, this pet food is nutrient rich and contains NO by-products, corn, wheat or dairy! Also...NO artificial flavors and NO chemical preservatives. Because it lack fillers that store-brand foods have you actually pay less because you can feed your pet less!

2) Reusable Bags - Americans use over 10 Billion plastic bags each year. It costs us millions of dollars ! If we all used bags that were reusable we would be saving LOTS of money... and we'd be helping SAVE THE EARTH!

My little dog Bo, who is allergic to everything actually loves this new dog food and has shown NO signs of skin allergies (he scratches until he bleeds when I introduce a new dog food!)

And...I just ordered two very COOL looking lunch bags for my two youngest kids that they can re-use daily. Plus, they are insulated with recycled plastic soda bottles instead of vinyl (which has been proven to be toxic when mixed with food.)

Please go to my website and read about these terrific products. You'll might learn something new & interesting!

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