Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Allergic to Housework?

As the mother of 4 boys, I have to admit most of them seem to have the same affliction. They are allergic to housework. I barely mention the word, 'clean', and immediate moaning sounds begin. It is a painful thing to watch. It is even more painful to see what their idea of 'clean' actually is.
Now, I do have one daughter...but at age 12 she is either being compulsively clean, like cleaning out her closet or she moves into the 'slob' mode and lives with a continual pile of clothes on her bedroom floor.
As someone who is aware that many airborne allergies are stemmed from DUST, it is my opinion that maybe 'piles' and 'stuff' need to be picked up and possibly put somewhere to avoid the DUST issue.
However, having 5 children all at various stages of stubborness (or some call 'development') I have to either get into the 'nagging mode' or just learn to close their bedroom doors more often.
Yeh...tomorrow our cleaning gal comes (only twice a month) and I will see my house as a house again for at least a few days or so!

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